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Difference Between Varsity and Letterman Jacket

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There are many different types of varsity and letterman jackets. Some students only wear lettermen jackets while in college, while others wear both. Varsity jackets are a great way to represent your school and sports. However, it would help if you remembered that not every student could letter in athletics and academics. In high school, the athletics department will determine if you can wear a letterman jacket. When it comes to college football, the debate over high school varsity jackets & letterman jackets is often raging. Of course, there is no one correct answer, but in general, both styles are equally stylish and sophisticated. But how do you tell which jacket is more appropriate for your particular style? The answer to this question lies in how you wear it. Below is a guide to help you decide.

Varsity jackets

Varsity Jackets are highly desired outerwear that can be customized to represent the individual. Many people buy them because they are made from high-quality materials. Others buy them because they have sentimental value. High school graduates wear them as trophies to mark their accomplishments. 

Letterman jackets

You may be wondering how letterman jackets are different from varsity ones. The main difference between the two is that letterman jackets are usually awarded only to students who have excelled in academics and athletics for two years or more. You can also get a letterman jacket if you have done something artsy but don’t play a sport. Getting a letter jacket is great for people who excel in academics or are in the band or choir. However, you’ll be less likely to get a letter jacket if you just earned an A in football.

A letterman jacket is usually distinguished by a large letter on the front of the jacket. The letter is the initial of the school name, and they come in various styles. Letterman jackets can also feature mascots or other symbols representative of the school. In addition, the school’s name or a booster club can order letterman jackets for students. While the letterman jacket is usually more expensive than a varsity jacket, it is still a great way to show off your school spirit and accomplishments.

Letter Jackets

Similarities and Differences

If you’re looking for a jacket for your varsity sports team, you’ll want to know the difference between a varsity jacket and a letterman jacket. While they have similar styles, they differ significantly in terms of how much slack you can add to the jacket. In addition, a letterman jacket has a slightly longer fit, while a varsity jacket is shorter.

On the other hand, a letterman jacket represents the high school you attend. Unlike a varsity jacket representing a sports team, a letterman jacket is a way to recognize other activities and academic accomplishments. In addition to playing sports, students may also receive letterman jackets for academics, intramurals, and the arts. However, students who excel in academics, band, and choir should get letterman jackets. 


Varsity jackets are popular school uniforms for teenagers and can cost as much as $400 or more. They are usually made of ribbed material with round collars and cuffs. They are typically made of boiled wool, though leather is also available. Large snap buttons fasten the front. Most varsity jackets come in coordinating school colors. They also come in a variety of other colors.

The cost of varsity jackets varies depending on the style and material. Some are lightweight and breathable, while others are thicker and bulkier. A typical letterman jacket can cost anywhere from $35 to $150. Wool varsity jackets are generally inexpensive and can be worn in all seasons. A high-end leather jacket can cost upwards of $200. It is also possible to find an affordable leather letterman jacket for under $30.


Letterman jackets are heavy, winter-style coats that feature the letters of the student’s school. Athletic directors and coaches award these jackets to student-athletes when they complete their season. The jackets symbolize school pride and are typically given out at a sports banquet. A letterman jacket can make a statement on its own, but many people also choose to add decorative items. These items may include pins, medals, and patches.

Regardless of their heritage, letterman jackets have influenced fashion trends. It is evident in the increased popularity of cropped baseball jackets in 2011, and in today’s world, letterman jackets have undergone some major changes. Rather than a boxy silhouette, letterman jackets are now made with oversized, vintage-inspired styles. In addition, if you’re short or don’t want to be clumsy, you can try a minimalist slim-fit style that won’t add extra bulk to your upper half.