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How To Keep Warm With Adidas This Winter Season

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Every year there is a new winter trend to keep up with, but luckily, if you shop with Adidas, you can wear the latest trends throughout the winter season. Adidas has all the items you need to layer up and keep warm during the winter season, from tights to sweaters, jackets, hats, and shoes.

1. First Layer

When dressing for winter, you must wear a few layers to keep warm. You can layer in a way that meets your needs, especially if you know you will need to take off layers throughout the day, but the basic principle is to start with a base layer. This layer is vital for maintaining your body’s heat, so you should opt for moisture-wicking materials. For example, start with a pair of leggings and a thin long-sleeve shirt. The point of these two items is to keep you warm, so make sure they are made of recycled polyester or light fleece.

2. Second Layer

The second layer of clothing aims to keep you cozy and insulate your body heat. Therefore, you need to choose a warm middle layer that will trap the heat close to your body. For example, a sweater, a zip-up fleece, or a vest. It could also be a button-down top if you don’t want to dress as casually. This second layer is helpful to keep you warm, and it’s also great if it gets a little warm and you want to remove one of the layers under your top layer of clothes.

3. Outer Layer

This final layer is what you need to keep you warm and dry, and protect you from all weather elements, be it rain, wind or snow. Therefore, you must choose the perfect winter jacket as your outer layer. Of course, if you want to dress a little less casually, you can always choose to wear a pair of jeans as an outer layer of your thin pair of leggings that you’re already wearing.

4. Accessories

You can’t forget about the accessories because they help to pull the whole outfit together and fill in the gaps. For example, the kinds of accessories you would probably look at to keep warm during winter would be any kind of scarf, hat, gloves, and socks. Likewise, a beanie will be perfect for keeping you warm when you’re outside in the cold. These accessories are all important to tying your outfit together, keeping you warm, and protecting your body heat.

5. Shoes

The final thing to think about is shoes. You can choose to wear various shoes, depending on your outfit and what you plan on doing. For example, if you’re going to be exercising, you’re going to want to wear shoes that are made for that, so some kind of sneaker or trainer if you’re just hanging out, seeing friends, or running errands then a pair of sneakers is perfect for your outfit. However, if you’re going to be outside in the cold, you may want to look at a pair of warm boots to keep your feet warm because if your feet are cold, chances are the rest of you will feel cold too. If you’re just planning on staying home, you can get cozy with a warm pair of slippers.