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Muay Thai at Phuket City in Thailand Female Health

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The things which attract women to Muay Thai is primarily the fitness and weight loss benefits of Muay Thai but there are also many women who are attracted to the combat side of Muay Thai. They are as much Muay Thai warriors as any man and they are also passionate about the sport and for many Muay Thai is a way of life.  This is why the sight of women at Muay Thai training camps around Thailand is no longer strange or unexpected. Many women do it primarily to improve their health but there are today many well-known female champions who have been worthy ambassadors for Muay Thai all across the planet. Many women make use of the Muay Thai holiday and weekend packages to come to Thailand for some quality training. As these women walk about on the beach they are easily recognized because they are slim, supple and beautifully toned. To become a female Muay Thai fighter requires psychological strength and also the right mind set which is needed when they step into the ring to contend with well-trained opponents. Phuket is a beautiful city for holiday in Thailand. There are many Muay Thai camps at Phuket for women.

Being victorious in combat

Naturally the true female warriors have only one objective when stepping into that ring and that is to emerge victoriously. This requires sufficient resources of mental and physical strength. Even so even the best-known champions are not necessarily fearless, but they certainly have confidence in themselves that they can handle themselves in difficult situations. Many of them are still scared going into the ring but they do it because they have learned to have confidence in their own abilities. Muay Thai is well-known as a form of martial arts which over time helps people to develop confidence. This is an important trait when engaging a well-trained opponent. Speak to any female Muay Thai champion and one of the first things you will notice is their confidence. These women also have confidence living life as well as in their professional capacity because this has been ingrained into them over many years of intensive Muay Thai training. It is not easy fighting at any Muay Thai level and yet woman in Muay Thai continue to thrive and succeed often against the odds.

Spectator reactions

Several movies could be made of the expressions on people’s faces when a women steps into the ring and triumph against all expectations. People are often skeptical; they refuse to believe that some of the women are champion material, and many spectators cannot hide their concern for the well-being of some competitors. Occasionally the spectators are right but more frequently they are pleasantly surprised by the resilience and perseverance of some of these fighting women who will continue to fight back even when victory seems unattainable. Unfortunately, a lot more has to be done to change the perceptions of people as far as the role of women in Muay Thai is concerned but that won’t stop women from training Muay Thai. A long list of female fighters is testimony of how resilient women can be. If women want to try Muay Thai at Phuket city, you can check at for Muay Thai information.